Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Thompson’s War – A Year 6 Experience of World War 2

It is 1940 and Britain is at war with Germany… Year 6 joined the action… In an interactive setting, children were fully immersed in the story of Lizzie and the rest of the Thompson family.  They learned how the war affected the lives of those left at home; how it both brought people together and

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Year 3 discover the magic of Cadbury World

On Thursday 11th October, children from Year 3 explored the magical land of Cadbury World. The children have been discovering Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this term as part of the ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ theme. The trip allowed them to explore a real-life chocolate factory, where they were able to taste many creative combinations of

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UNICEF UK’S Silver Rights Respecting School Award in Action

Article 28- The Right to a Good Quality Education At Nansen, we encourage all students to reach their full potential through a good quality education. After last year’s success, we held our second ‘Big Me Day’ on Thursday 11th October. Big Me Day allows our pupils to explore their ambitions and encourages perseverance, motivation and  determination.Children

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