Echo Eternal

In the summer of 2018, our children began working with Secret City Arts artistic co-director and writer Mandy Ross on developing an artistic response to Holocaust survivor Marcel Ainsfield’s testimony. Marcel escaped Soviet-occupied Poland. He was then deported by the Russian’s to Siberia. He and his family experienced hard labour. After the war, he and his sister had to pretend to be orphaned children in order to be brought to England by Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfield. The gifted testimony was one of the 112 survivor interviews captured by Natasha Kaplinsky OBE for the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation (UKHMF).


During the creation of the film, our children were inspiring, working creatively and maturely to create a film that promotes tolerance, empathy and hope. Through their own words, they promote the sentiments “all human, all unique” and “we will stand up for each other as we stand here together” within the film, showing their commitment to their Echo.

They are the seeds we nurtured and what a testament to us all they have become. You can view our film here:

L’dor Vador

Furthermore we have had our work exhibited in the Echo Eternal Exhibition at Birmingham Central Library. Our Echo Eternal ambassadors had the privilege of becoming tour guides and resident experts for the members of the public and schools who visited the exhibition.

Finally, an Echo Eternal performance of music and dance was premiered at Birmingham Town Hall, with all CORE schools collaborating to create drama and dance performances as well as singing together.

In the words of our children:

“We will stand up for each other as we stand here together.”

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