A Day to Remember!

Sunday 29th April 2018

Mr Seymour accompanied the children on a very exciting visit on Monday. It was a very early start, but as you can see from his account, very well worth it.

On the 23rd of April 2018 a group of pupils from Nansen Primary and Rockwood Academy visited The National Tennis Centre, the home of the Lawn Tennis Association in Roehampton, London. This was an exciting opportunity for our pupils to explore the heart of tennis.

We arrived at 10.30am and were taken on a tour around the grounds. Pupils learnt about the different areas of the centre including the variety of different outdoor and indoor Tennis courts, offices and lecture rooms. We then headed to one of the lecture rooms where the children were quizzed about their knowledge of tennis and past experiences. The pupils were asked to feedback memorable experiences of tennis and also share ideas for the future on how to improve tennis at Nansen. Some of the ideas that were put forward were really thoughtful.

It was then time for an exciting coaching session led by an experienced LTA coach. The session was very practical and the children were able to show off their skills and develop them further! Once the session was over it was time for an al fresco style lunch in the sun!

The trip was brought to a close by a final presentation by Paul, one of the LTA coaches and children were able to give their feedback. Umar from 4 fire said ‘I enjoyed the games we played in the coaching session’. Ismael in 4 Earth said ‘It was great fun. We met a coach who trained 1200 people and I really enjoyed the day.’