Community Hub launches at Nansen Primary School for Alum Rock residents

Friday 17th February 2017

A Community Hub has been created in the grounds of Nansen Primary School to provide families and residents with a range of services.

The Hub is located in the former canteen on the site at of the school in Alum Rock and has been named CORE Community Hub.

Plans are being drawn up to renovate the Hub, which will be funded by community fund-raising events and donations from local businesses.

For use by the whole community, it is hoped the Hub will run a play school, fitness classes and adult learning courses.

The Hub was officially opened when it recently staged its first community event – a coffee morning organised by Sabina Kauser, Vice Chair of the Board and the Director of Collaboration at CORE Education Trust, which runs Nansen Primary School and Rockwood Academy.

The opening was attended by senior staff from CORE Education Trust, Rockwood Academy and Nansen Primary School, as well as parents and representatives from the office of Hodge Hill MP Liam Byrne and The Alum Rock Community Forum.

The community sharing ideas for the future of the new hub

The community sharing ideas for the future of the new hub

Sabina Kauser said: “Since its inception in March 2015, CORE Education Trust has always strived to ensure that the Trust and its schools maintain strong community links.

“This was initially done through parental engagement and keeping parents informed about the development of the Trust.

“I believe that, as well as the strong national collaborative partnerships CORE has developed, it is important to create local partnerships to ensure we have real community engagement which encompasses everyone in Alum Rock – not just the parents of the children attending our schools.

“We are incredibly excited to have opened this Community Hub which we hope will become an invaluable resource for the people of Alum Rock.”

CORE Education Trust’s CEO Adrian Packer said: “Engaging with parents and the local community is pivotal to the growth of our schools.

“Alum Rock has such a diverse community and we as a Trust want to be fully immersed in supporting the whole community.

“For many of our pupils and their families, English is an additional language, so creating opportunities for people to access adult learning courses will aid learning in a safe and familiar environment.

“This Community Hub is a great example of responding to the needs of the pupils and their families, so that we can work together to create a better future for them.”