Duncan Goodhew visit for Sport Relief 2018

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Duncan Goodhew, MBE and Olympic Gold medalist, started the day with an inspiring assembly and to announce the great achievement of Nansen and Rockwood Schools collaborating and achieving a Guiness World Record of the largest fencing lesson in history. He then spent the day with Nansen pupils to share his stories and experiences within sport. He was so inspiring and taught the children that there is something everyone is good at and to not give up. He had lunch with several students and walked around the classrooms showing the children the Olympic Torch and his gold medal.

Throughout the rest of the morning, 420 children did as many laps of a 104m track as possible. Children from Year 3, 4 and 6 from Nansen and Yr 8 from Rockwood Academy ran, hopped, skipped or walked around the track for 15 minutes, all in the aid of raising money for Sport Relief. The total distance completed by all the children was 280 miles in just 2 hours! That is equivalent of a relay all the way to St Ives!

Along with running all that way the children experienced a range of activities including curling, dance and parachute games.

Yr 5 challenged themselves in some circuit training to see how much they could push themselves, and to raise awareness for Sports Relief.