Nansen Primary School pupils showcase new sign language skills to raise money for deaf people

Wednesday 15th February 2017

PUPILS at Nansen Primary School joined hands to sign and sing to raise money for a charity that supports vulnerable deaf children and adults.

All 963 pupils at Nansen Primary School, run by CORE Education Trust, were given an introduction into British Sign Language using a specially written song.

Pupils spent four weeks practising the signs and learning the song, during their music lessons.

The song, called ‘Together’, was performed for an annual fundraising charity event, Sign2Sing, organised by charity SignHealth.

The performance raised £400 and was enjoyed by representatives from SignHealth.

In 2015, it was estimated there were more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK and around 24,000 people use sign language as their main language.

Hannah Casey, Music Co-ordinator at Nansen Primary School, spent four weeks helping pupils to learn sign language.

Pupils learning sign language as part of Sign2Sing

Pupils at Nansen Primary School performing as part of Sign2Sing

She said: “I was impressed with just how quickly the pupils learnt how to sign.

“It was wonderful to see the children combine their passion for music with learning a new skill and finding out more about those who have disabilities.

“They did remarkably well and they deserve full credit.”

Nansen Primary School Head Teacher Cath Rindl said: “I am thrilled pupils had the opportunity to learn such a valuable skill.

“It was lovely to see pupils come out of their shell and really take a shine to learning sign language.

“Not only are the pupils improving their confidence through singing, they are learning the importance of helping those in need, a value we aim to encourage in all our pupils.”

CEO of CORE Education Trust, Adrian Packer said: “I want to extend my gratitude to SignHealth, who made it possible for the pupils at Nansen Primary to partake in such an important project.

“By putting the shoe on the other foot, pupils are able to appreciate how difficult life can be for pupils who are hearing impaired, whilst learning to accept others who are different.

“This project is another reminder of how the inclusion of arts can drive opportunities for pupils at Nansen Primary School.

“The performance was fantastic and it was great to see members from the charity come along to support the pupils.”

Susie Norbury, SignHealth’s Director of Fundraising said: “Learning a few words and greeting signs in sign language is easy to do and great fun.

“The more that children learn to sign, the more included and less isolated deaf children will be.

“The money this event raises is vital so we can continue to trying to give deaf children the chance of a life as healthy as their hearing friends.”