The Thompson’s War – A Year 6 Experience of World War 2

Thursday 18th October 2018

It is 1940 and Britain is at war with Germany… Year 6 joined the action…

In an interactive setting, children were fully immersed in the story of Lizzie and the rest of the Thompson family.  They learned how the war affected the lives of those left at home; how it both brought people together and tore them apart.

As well as watching the play, the children also got the chance to discuss the action they were watching in ‘interactions’ with the actors throughout the show as well as discussing the new vocabulary. There were opportunities for group discussions, where the themes and the plot were analysed in depth.

In the afternoon, the children performed their own drama. They shared their tableau about rationing or being evacuated. Amira commented on rationing “I can’t believe such a small amount of food was available, we are so lucky to have what we have today!” Khalid was deeply moved and he said “millions of people died, families were destroyed, learning this made me very sad.”

Year 6 will use this experience to stimulate their ideas when producing a range of writing in English and curriculum lessons.