Year 3 Greek Day

Wednesday 21st February 2018

In Spring 1 Year 3 have been exploring Ancient Greece as part of their topic on Gods and Mortals. The grand finale was an exciting opportunity to take part in Greek Day. Children tasted food from Greece (olives, tzatziki, pitta bread, sun-ripened tomatoes, figs and stuffed vine leaves) and decided which food they liked the best.

In order to make the day feel more authentic the children and staff also dressed up in togas. They all looked amazing! The children enjoyed wearing clothes that they didn’t usually wear and welcomed the Greek culture.

Children in 3 Air also made Greek masks which they used to act out Pandora’s Box, a Greek myth they learnt in English. 3 Water, 3 Earth and 3 Fire also completed Greek clay pots, which they decorated.

In the afternoon, the children all took part in their own Ancient Greek Olympics. They competed in 5 events: javelin, long jump and short, middle and long distance run. The winners were awarded medals and laurel wreaths. All children received certificates for participation.

Year 3 really enjoyed the day. Well done to all who took part!