Year 5 Explorers Investigate Road Safety

Monday 26th November 2018

It was another busy day in Alum Rock, as the Year 5 Explorers met members of West Midlands Police outside school. The time was just after 9.00am and the team of experts were keen to investigate road safety problems.

The children discussed their thoughts about the poor parking around our school. They pointed out that parking outside our gates and on yellow lines is a danger to all pedestrians, especially the pupils of our school. The police agreed, so the intrepid Explorers set off to educate the local drivers. It wasn’t long before they met someone parked on yellow lines!

The driver listened carefully to the police and accepted the letter of advice from our Explorer. He soon realised that parking on yellow lines is wrong and her agreed to not do it again… “I’m very happy about this,” said Rajah.  As they turned around, there were more cars in dangerous places.

An important letter of advice was left under the windscreen, as the driver was not in the car. The Explorers were congratulated by the police for doing an amazing job! “This team of Explorers are brilliant and really well focused on the safety of their school friends,” confirmed Mrs Mahon.

We shall follow their road safety work and see how it makes a difference to the safety of all Nansen pupils. We are very grateful to West Midlands Police for supporting our efforts. Watch this space!