Nansen Primary School is officially a Rights Respecting School and currently holds the Silver: Rights Aware Award. The Silver: Rights Aware Award is the second stage of the Rights Respecting Schools programme. Silver level charts Nansen’s progress through 3 Strands:

  • Teaching and Learning about rights – through training, curriculum, assemblies
  • Teaching and learning throughrights – by modelling rights respecting language and attitudes
  • Being ambassadors for the rights of others – developing as rights respecting citizens

We will now continue our journey towards Gold: Rights Respecting. This is granted by UNICEF UK to schools that have fully embedded children’s rights throughout the school, in its policies, practice and ethos.

Further information on the Award and the UNCRC is available at –





What is a Rights Respecting School?

As part of our school’s aim to promote British Values alongside the Rights of the Child, our school is taking part in a UNICEF UK initiative that aims to put children’s rights at the heart of the school. We will work together to embed children’s rights in our school’s ethos and culture. This will improve overall student well-being and develop every child’s talents and abilities to their full potential.

What is the RRSA?

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children and their rights. In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential.

The ‘Rights Respecting School’ award (RRSA) will help our pupils to grow into confident, caring and responsible young citizens both in school and within the wider community. By learning about their rights our pupils, your children, also learn about the importance of respecting the rights of others i.e. their responsibilities.

Nansen Primary School pupils are encouraged to reflect on how their behaviour and actions affect those around them, which allows us to build and maintain a positive and safe learning environment for all, both in the classroom and around the school grounds.


What have we done so far?

On November 21st 2016, the whole school took part in OutRight 2016. Children from years 1-6 took part in a day of learning based around the anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. We looked closely at different humanitarian emergencies across the world in particular; child refugees. This fantastic day not only encouraged children to think about their own rights as a child, but also to think of ways in which action can be taken. OutRight allowed children to speak out and share their views as well as suggest some great ideas for the future.

In Key Stage 1, each class in Year 1 and 2 have created their very own class charter.  A class charter is an agreement between the children and the teacher; it details what their rights are and how those rights can be respected. Take a look at some examples:

unicef-3 unicef-4 unicef-5

What’s next?

A group of UNICEF Ambassadors will be chosen to meet weekly to discuss the workings of the school and how to move forward in terms of RRSA. We will also have a number of fundraisers and theme days throughout the upcoming months to continue to learn about children’s rights all over the world. We will be collecting evidence and photo’s of our work on a monthly basis to show our children, parents and visitors all of the fantastic work we do.

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