School Policies

Department for Education’s statutory policies for schools – September 2014 outlines the policies and other documents that governing bodies and school leaders are legally required to hold.

We promote safety, inclusion, tolerance and respect at Nansen Primary School. Our policies enable us to work together as an effective and inclusive school community. When joining the Nansen community, it is assumed that you and your child/ren agree and comply with our policies, supporting our positive academy ethos and atmosphere.

Nansen’s policies are here for you to view and download. Please get in touch if you need a hard copy or want to know more about any policy. Copies of all our policies are also available from the school office.

Anti-bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Strategies

Calculation Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality Information and Objectives

Online Safety Policy

Exclusion Policy

CORE Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2019-2020

SMSC & Curriculum Policy



CORE Management of Medical Needs Conditions and Medicines Spring 2018

Nansen Local Minimum Offer

School Accessibility Plan 2015 – 2018

SEN Report



CORE Charging & Remissions Policy

CORE Complaints Policy

CORE Policy for Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints

CORE Confidential Reporting (Whistle Blowing) Policy

CORE Provider Access Policy Statement