Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is a platform on which pupils are given the chance to share exciting new projects and initiatives in which they’re participating or interested or are introducing.

Nansen Primary School prides itself on making sure its pupils’ voices and opinions are heard, so that all pupils feel as though they belong in the school community. Pupils are involved in a wide range of activities that enable them to gain confidence in themselves as pioneers of the future.

School Charter

‘Nurturing tomorrows explorers’

Pupil’s promise

We always respect ourselves and others.

We always show kindness to everyone.

We always treat others as we would like to be treated.

We always walk around school sensibly and safely.

We always look after our school and respect all property.

We always show good listening and follow adult instructions.

We always do our best and have high expectations of ourselves.

We always work together.


Teacher’s promise

We will not raise our voices.

We will show everyone mutual respect.

We will keep you safe so you can flourish.

We will be fair and consistent.

We will listen to your views and take your feelings into account.

We will embrace individuality.

We will strive to make all the lessons inspiring.

We will celebrate success.




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Nansen Rules

‘Nurturing tomorrows explorers’

Nansen primary school is unique

At Nansen we respect each other

Nansen has no quitters only go givers

Sensibility is what you’ll find along with,

Enthusiasm and

Natural talent


Relying on each other here isn’t hard

Understanding is the key to success

Learning is a passion along with,

Engaging your inner spirit!

Smart, sensible children are what you’ll find


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